Forest Schools on Arran


Some Feedback from 2014 Forest School sessions

Pirnmill School

 “I loved being outside instead of being stuck in the class room”. Abi Traill P7

“Forest Schools was amazing because you could be outdoors with the wildlife. i loved the whittling so much that my dad is now teaching me whittling & woodwork & so the only thing i can really say is Thank You”. Bradley Lord P7

​”I liked making the fire & we all enjoyed making the bows. there was nothing bas about the Forest Schools”. Archie Innes P7

“I loved when we were chopping down the trees & we were talking about the wildlife & i also loved the whittling”. Nicol Weir P7

A Teaching Assistant for Kilmory School

 The children really enjoyed Forest Schools.  They entered into all the activities with great enthusiasm, and benefited from learning how to handle tools, light fires etc in a safe manner.  It encouraged responsibility in assessing and managing risk. They particularly enjoyed den-building, and learned how to work effectively as a team in this activity.  They also enjoyed learning about the various plants and trees, how to recognize them, and what their uses are.  I think they came away with a greater appreciation of the wonderful environment in which we live on Arran, and to take responsibility in caring for it.

Muriel Crockett  (Classroom Assistant)

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There are now three qualified Forest School Leaders on the Isle of Arran. Courses are available throughout the year for visiting groups in term-time.  The site most used is the Roots of Arran Community Woodland site behind Brodick which is about a 1.5 mile walk away from the ferry port or a 1-minute drive out of Brodick. It is ideally situated away from the roads and has a variety of woodland environments in which to run the sessions. To find out more about Forest Schools please visit  and also and if you wish to make a booking/enquire further please email us and we will endeavour to respond quickly!

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